Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Teacher, Sound Artist, Producer and Entrepreneurial Leader

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Tour of Taiwan with UNT Jazz Singers

Wichita Jazz Festival with UNT 2 Oclock Band

59 City Tour of USA with Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus

Full time Musician on the road, 15 2.5 hour shows per week. GF Sponsored by Zildjian and Remo.

Crane Student Association Big Band

Gary France, Steve Squires directors, Players, Don Fabian, Pat Perez, Wally Siebal, Russ Scotti, Steve Carney, Jim Mullen, John Dubois, Elliot Maker, Jay Friedman, Joe Campolieta, Mark Hull, Paul Sanders, Marty Coons, Pete Maliverni, Tom Barney, Cliff Bruker, Gary France

Crane Youth Music Faculty Concert

Two Etudes for Marimba by Gary France