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Diary Entry

Insuksuit by John Luther Adams, Australian Premiere

Antarctica Music Festival and Conference 25 – 29 June

John Luther Adams, Composer
Gary France, Artistic Director
International Guests: Dr John Lane, Professor Allen Otte
Synergy Percussion (Sydney)
Speak Percussion (Melbourne)
DRUMatiX Percussion
John Lane (Sam Houston State University, USA)
Allen Otte, (Cincinatti College ConseNatory of Music, USA)
Timothy Constable, Bree van Reyk and Josh Hill, (Synergy Percussion, Sydney)
Gary France, Veronica Walshaw, Bryce Leske, Cary Finlay, Charles Martin, Christina
Hopgood, Jonathan Griffiths, Stephen Fitzgerald, William Jackson, Yvonne Lam,
Caitlin Ayres, Eliza Sheppard, Reuben Lewis, Aiden Lowe (ANU, Canberra)
Leah Scholes, Matthais Schack-Arnott, Peter Neville (Speak Percussion, Melbourne)
Matthew Horsley, Anna Ng, Louis Sharpe, Zela Papageorgiou,
Hannah Schachte (Melbourne)