Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Teacher, Sound Artist, Producer and Entrepreneurial Leader


26 October
CSM Percussion Ensemble in Concert

Lisa Lai, Mark Ashton, Bree VanReyk, Jocelyn Fegent, Lachlan Smith, Tim Bevit

2 October
Drums Around the World, Festival of Contemporary Arts

ANU DRUMatix with Arthur Lipner

3 September
Bogdon Bacanu Masterclass

PAS Australia Chapter presents Bogdan Bacanu in Masterclass

2 June
DRUMatiX Winter Concert

PROGRAMME Fanfare for Tambourines John Alfieri 1983 CSM Percussion Ensemble Umin and Thurmin * Nicole Walker 1998 Lachlan Smith Prelude for Percussion Malloy Miller 1960 CSM Pre-tertiary Percussion Ensemble Rain – Solo for Snare Drum * Kate Moore 1998 Bree VanReyk October Mountain Alan Hovhaness 1957 I sensa misura, II = around 88, III = around 80, IV = around 56, V = around 180 Jacinta Dunlop Marimba Soloist CSM Pre-tertiary Percussion Ensemble Gainsborough Thomas Gauger 1974 I II III CSM Percussion Ensemble Ricik Ricik Traditional CSM Javanese Gamelan CSM Ragtime Marimba Band The Ragtime Robin (1925) Peter Olsen Soloist The Chromatic Foxtrot (1920) Lachlan Smith Soloist The Whistler Sharon Wright soloist Log Cabin Blues (1919) Jocelyn Fegent Soloist Indian Story Adam Chaffe Soloist George Hamilton Green Soliloquy from Hamlet * Judith Crispin Cresswell 1998 Gary France First Construction (In Metal) John Cage 1962 CSM Percussion Ensemble * world premiere

1 June – 1 August
West African Drumming Dance and Chant, field research

West African Drumming Dance and Chant Studies with Ni Tetteh Tetty, Nungua Ghana, Africa Topic: The Drumming styles of the Ewe and Ashanti peoples and the assimilation of these styles on western contemporary music.