Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Teacher, Sound Artist, Producer and Entrepreneurial Leader

Young Peoples' Percussion Concerts

Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Teacher, Sound Artist, Producer and Entrepreneurial Leader


Gary France and the World of Percussion featuring the DRUMatiX Percussion Group

An interactive music educational experience for children of all ages.

Welcome to the World of Percussion educational program presented by Gary France. These special 50-minute presentations are designed to support and enrich studies in pre-tertiary music education.

There are three programs to select from:

The Big Beat: a special program developed for primary students grades K–3
In this fast-paced session Gary France will guide the students through the family of percussion with a special emphasis on student participation. Young people will sing, dance, explore and play numerous instruments and rhythms.
Grooving Hard: Grades 4–7
Grooving Hard continues with an introduction to the world of percussion but with an emphasis on the characteristics of pulse, meter and timbre. Gary France will explore music soundscapes as they relate to basic music composition in both western and indigenous musics.
Hold me Back: grades 7–12
This session features more in-depth performances and discussions of contemporary and world percussion. Compositional structures are discussed as well as historical perspectives.

In all sessions students will experience:

    • Classical Western Percussion: Keyboard percussion (Marimba, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Chimes, and Vibraphone) Drums: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Tom Toms, Timpani, Roto Toms Accessory Percussion: Tambourines, Triangles, Wood blocks, Cymbals.
    • World Percussion: Drum Gahu, Teka, Batucada: African Drums: Ewe and Ashanti Drums from the Akan Province of Ghana Brazilian Percussion: Berimbau, Cuicia, Repaniquie, Surdo, Tambourim, Ganza and the other instruments in the Samba Batucada; Indonesian percussion instruments of the Javanese Gamelan Orchestra: Gongs, Kendang, Bonang, Kempul and more. South Indian Karnatic vocal percussion (the rhythmic systems of South India)
    • “Found Soundz” Body and Junk Percussion: hand clapping, foot stomping music for a variety of every day items found in most homes. Garbage Bins, tin cans, Body Percussion